Build AI for a Better Future

We call on everyone to build, broadly deploy, and use AI to improve people’s lives and unlock a better future.

The purpose of AI is for humans to thrive much more than we could before.

AI is still early, but it’s on its way to improving everyone’s daily life: AI tutors to help anyone learn; AI translation tools to better connect the world; AI guided medical diagnoses to improve health care; AI-powered research to accelerate scientific discovery; AI assistants that you can talk with to help with everyday tasks.

While AI is unique in directly augmenting human thought, we expect its impact to be more akin to the printing press, the combustion engine, electricity, and the Internet. The balance of its good and bad impacts on humans will be shaped through the actions and thoughtfulness we as humans exercise. It is our collective responsibility to make choices that maximize AI’s benefits and mitigate the risks, for today and for future generations.

We all have something to contribute to shaping AI’s future, from those using it to create and learn, to those developing new products and services on top of the technology, to those using AI to pursue new solutions to some of humanity’s biggest challenges, to those sharing their hopes and concerns for the impact of AI on their lives. AI is for all of us, and all of us have a role to play in building AI to improve people’s lives.

We, the undersigned, already are experiencing the benefits from AI, and are committed to building AI that will contribute to a better future for humanity – please join us!

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SV Angel

We invest in and support founders in AI who are committed to building the next generation of AI technology to move humanity forward.


We produce AI models which are used by 2 million developers and 100 million weekly users, which empower people to accomplish things they couldn’t otherwise.


We build and use AI technologies to advance the state of the art in AI and to connect the world.


We believe that AI is a transformational technology that will provide compelling benefits throughout society -- helping, empowering, and inspiring people in almost every field of human endeavor.


We build AI tools and platforms that empower others to achieve more.


Our mission is to empower organizations of every size and industry to harness the power of CRM, AI, and data with trust at the center - providing our employees, customers, and partners with the tools they need to develop and use AI safely, accurately, and ethically for the benefit of humanity.

Y Combinator

Garry Tan, CEO, Paul Graham, Founder and Jessica Livingston, Founder

Hugging Face

We provide open, accessible AI models, infrastructure, and tools to lower the barrier for shaping AI and to support communities in building systems that work best for them.

Mistral AI

We've built the most capable open LLMs, making them available everywhere.


We strive to democratize data and AI to all organizations and users. Since our inception, we have been committed to open-source technologies that foster innovation and ethical use, accelerating data-driven decision making and unlocking possibilities across industries.

Scale AI

Scale AI provides the data infrastructure for the world's most powerful organizations to build and apply responsible AI.

Gates Ventures

Larry Cohen , CEO


We build hyper versatile and easily customizable AI models, and serve them directly to millions of users every day, because the best use cases are yet to be invented.


We research and deploy AI audio models to make content universally accessible across languages and voices.

AI is a massively enabling technology -- it will make nearly everything better, despite the manageable challenges it represents. AI will unlock the next wave of growth, pulling more people out of poverty and leaving behind our increasingly zero-sum world where people are fighting to divide resources rather than grow them.


We are building the future of software development and are committed to using AI to empower every organization with high-quality, impactful software.


We are accelerating the energy transition by using AI to predict realtime global electricity supply and demand, resulting in more stable grids despite a volatile power mix, rapidly growing electricity consumption, and extreme weather events.


We build AI models that learn new information as efficiently as humans.

Nomic AI

Nomic echoes the sentiment that the impact of modern AI will be akin to that of the printing press, and is committed to building open source technology that enables everyone to participate in the AI revolution. We ALL have something to contribute to AI; therefore, AI should be built in a way that allows ALL people to contribute.

Contextual AI

We build custom retrieval augmented language models for enterprise AI workflows, aiming to change the way the world works, literally.

Deep Infra Inc.

Nikola Borisov, CEO 


Vanja Josifovski, CEO


AI will be the primary driver of economic growth in consumer finance over the next decade. It will educate and unlock access to sophisticated financial instruments to the broader population.  

Stability AI

We develop open models of every modality that have downloaded over 100 million times to build amazing new experiences.


AI as a technology is in its infancy yet its already demonstrated the ability to find new solutions to problems thought intractable or "solved". We need to foster this technology and develop applications — in business, science and culture alike -- to improve the lives of humans.


Brent Hurley, Chad Hurley


We back entrepreneurs using AI to solve hard problems in the real world, in deep tech areas like TechBio, Climate, AgTech, Space, Cybersecurity, Defense and Robotics.

Khosla Ventures

Vinod Khosla

Jackson Square Ventures

Greg Gretsch, Managing Director


"Generative AI is key for companies seeking efficiency with fewer resources, and we're only starting to tap its potential. Privacy and security are non-negotiable for us, driving our commitment to build AI solutions that adhere to the highest security standards." - Ralph Gootee, co-founder and CTO

Kindred Ventures

Steve Jang & Kanyi Maqubela, We invest at the earliest stage in founders and startups who want to build a stronger brighter future for the planet using AI and frontier technologies.


We build AI for the 99%, empowering every team to achieve better outcomes.


We seek to invest in ambitious founders innovating and leveraging AI to make it more accessible, scalable, and useful.

Snorkel AI

There is promise in building AI responsibly with open participation from public and private sectors. If we do this concertedly, then AI will become a powerful partner and accelerant to human ingenuity, and most importantly, it will become a great equalizer: giving everyone access to knowledge, not just the most privileged.


We build technology infrastructure for AI that enables users to build intelligence on their data, creating new capabilities to make the world smarter and solve our hardest problems.


We are thrilled to invest in AI innovations that unlock a brighter future for every individual.


We help programmers 10X their productivity by giving them AI-powered answers inside their workflow.


We create an AI website builder that helps hundreds of thousands of small businesses do meaningful work.


We invest in people that are building responsible solutions that enable human efficiency and enduring happiness.

Van Jones

DreamMachine.Org + Bezos Courage & Civility Award Recipient

South Park Commons

We help entrepreneurs and technologists figure out what they want to build and how AI can help.


James Barnes, CEO/Founder

Biz Stone

Co-Founder at Twitter


We provide the tooling and cloud infrastructure that generates, serves, and secures the web's largest AI products.

Stewart Miles

CTO and Co-Founder, Agentic.AI

Vipul Ved Prakash

Co-founder & CEO, Together AI


We build AI creative tools that empower millions of people, regardless of background or language, to effectively communicate their ideas and stories through video.

Shalender Singh


Abhishek Singh

Founder CEO


Duarte Guerra



David Papp
Giovanni Bonavia